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Ways to Reduce Wedding Costs

Guests List

Most times the bride and grooms look at the guest list as the very first area to ensure precise numbers are maintained for the wedding venues capacity and wedding budget.

Venue and Decor

Decorating has become increasingly do it yourself (DIY) which can open windows to creative opportunity or avenues. Venues can be turned for relatively less costly hall or home backyard, to school and college halls. With DIY decor its bound to affect the cost of the wedding on the lower side.

Alcohol Beverage Limitation

For non alcoholic brides and grooms spending money on assuming many guests will take the alcoholic beverage is a guess work. It’s better to assume the wedding will be a sober event that cuts down on the costs.

 Avoid Extravagant Food Recipes

Most brides and grooms to be can only go for the necessary and appropriate food recipes that complement their lifestyle, tastes and budget constraints. Given the massive number of people to entertain it becomes all the more wise to save on the absolutely required foods.

Labor and Officiates

Having a relation or close friend who is ordained officiate and family labor volunteers can substantially help in reducing wedding costs.

Same Ceremony and Reception Venue

Holding the occasion at the same venue esteems the guest’s time and saves money on wedding movement and transportation between venues and make it a wholesome affair.

Reduce Rehearsal Dinner Timing and Size

Reducing rehearsal dinner tie and size can be helpful in some ways. But it’s should not affect the real reason it’s done, i.e. help brides and grooms calm and relax and improve synchrony on the wedding day.

Choose Better Dates, Seasons and Days

Good days, i.e. weekends always come at steep rates and prices from the wedding venues services providers. Weekdays seem like everyone is busy with work and least bothered about wedding functions. Yet some times and dates even months can be very appropriate to hire even some wedding venue.