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Eco Friendly Wedding Stationery

Being eco neighborly is rapidly turning out to be increasingly predominant. More individuals are currently understanding that we truly do all need to do our bit, and that everybody being only a little eco inviting can make gigantic contrasts. Weddings and wedding stationery is no exemption. Being in the wedding business, I have been agreeably astounded at the sum couples questioning whether my wedding stationery is ‘eco amicable’ or ‘economically resourced’.

Weddings of late years could all the time be luxurious showcases of ‘look the amount I can spend’, fortunately the tide is by all accounts turning and the new popular approach to be hitched is a great deal more green and eco well disposed. Horse shelter weddings with hitting and roughage parcels appear to be the approach!

Here is a list of ways that weddings can easily be made more eco friendly.

  1. Start with wedding stationery. There are lots of wedding stationery out there that is 100% recycled. Style definitely does NOT have to come second best with recycled products. Some of the nicest designs I have seen are produced on recycled card.
  2. Confetti. Use natural rose and flower petals instead of paper confetti. The petals will be completely biodegradable.
  3. Wedding flowers. Try to use flowers that are locally produced or at least make sure that they are from the UK. Also use flowers that are in season. A lovely idea for table centers is to use potted herbs, they can then be given away and used by your guests at the end of the day. They can even become the table presents.
  4. Table presents. Packets of flower seeds are a great idea for table present. Not only are they very eco friendly but the guests can grow their very own memories of the special day.
  5. Wedding gifts. Many brides and grooms are happy for their guests to spend their big day with them and so do not ask for a wedding gift, but often guests will still often want to buy something. A lovely way to ask for a gift without asking for material things is to ask for a donation to a charity. This is sure to make everyone feel good!

So in answer to my question, Yes eco wedding stationery is very important. Not only for the eco friendly reasons but also as a bride and groom hosting probably the biggest event they will ever host it is important to lead the way, and set the trend for being eco friendly whever posisble, and showing that it actually easier then you may think!