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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Famous Theme Weddings

You have the ring on your hand and you have set the date – you are getting hitched! Doubtlessly you are likely energized, anxious and somewhat uncertain. Be that as it may, now the significant choices come in and you need to start to settle on the most imperative components of your enormous day, beginning with the subject. Choosing the correct topic for your big day can be as trying as discovering your ideal dress; be that as it may, auditing probably the most well known wedding subjects at this moment might have the capacity to help you settle on your choice.

A Completely Traditional Ceremony

An old-fashioned and traditional wedding is still one of the most popular themes that is used today. This is when the bride is going to wear a traditional white gown and the groom will be in a full tux. Additionally, the ceremony will be held in a synagogue or church and presided over by some religious official.

The Valentine’s Day Wedding

While a Valentine’s Day wedding may be a bit cliche, it is also extremely romantic. Plus, this will make it quite easy to ensure your honey remembers the anniversary date. If Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a weekday you may be in store for a smaller guest list; however, this will give you some wiggle room with the budget to make it a much more intimate and romantic affair.

A Macabre Marriage

If the idea of a large white dress and a super sweet cake does not make up your dream wedding, then you may find some inspiration thinking outside of the box. While it may seem a bit creepy to some others to exchange your vows in the midst of stylized skulls and carved pumpkins, if you are a bit creative and have a wicked sense of humor, then the macabre themed wedding may be fun and festive. Do you love the Mexican day of the dead or Halloween? If so, this may be a theme that suits you perfectly.

Try to plan this wedding late in October or in the early part of November so you can correspond with the annual events.

A Seasonal Wedding

If you would like to host a classic wedding, that is not too outlandish or pricey, then consider celebrating for the current season. For a summer or spring wedding, chose flirty and short dresses in a vibrant or pastel color and be sure that you incorporate many seasonal flowers in the centerpieces and bouquets. In fact, nothing will say spring quite like a bouquet of daises, tulips or sunflowers. You should try to plan for the reception and the ceremony to be held in an outside venue that is full of sunlight and life.

If you have decided to get married in the fall, you can play up the colors that are seen during harvest time, such as crimson and chocolate brown. Additionally, you can incorporate seasonal embellishments with wheatgrass flower arrangements, apples and gourds.

An Extreme Wedding

Are you and your fiance the kind of individuals who love extreme sports, such as throwing themselves out of a plane for fun? When you spend time alone with your loved one, does it usually include skis, a helicopter or scuba gear? If this sounds like you, you may want to consider ditching a traditional wedding and make the event as extreme as you and your love.

While it is not too likely that the remainder of your wedding party will want to get in a hot air balloon with you, or hike up a mountain to hear you say “I do,” you can plan an indoor wedding reception that will provide your part and guests with a little taste of what you did. For example, if you are planning an underwater ceremony, you can host your reception at an aquarium.

An Ethnic Wedding

Multicultural and ethnic weddings are about embracing your traditions, family, culture and color. If you choose this type of event, select rich fabrics, jewelry and beautiful fashion, which is what will help to bring your event to life. An element that is key to this type of wedding is the lighting that you select. Try using bright and strong lighting for your decor and creative centerpieces. You may also want to consider hiring musicians and dancers to play songs and traditional dances from your heritage.

A Relaxed Beach Ceremony

If you are not interested in the latest trends and styles, and just want to relax on your big day while you have a good time, you should consider heading to the beach. A beach wedding is extremely popular for any couple and almost ensures that everyone will have a great time. The fact is that there is nothing that can match saying “I do” with your feet in the surf and sand. You can even make it completely casual by having your bridesmaids either bare foot or in flip flops, with short dresses and skirts. Once the ceremony is over, you can gather around a fire pit with your guests for an oyster roast, or visit a beach front club for dancing and drinks.

Vintage Wedding

If you have decided to go with a vintage wedding theme, then lace is a must have. Search for a gown that implements lace with a bit of a modern twist and stick to a more muted palette of colors such as gold, rose, slate grey and ivory, which are all pretty and soft. For the decor, you can select unique chandeliers and billowy fabric to create a type of faux canopy above the reception area. Also, mix your covered chairs with natural, wood chairs. You can also extend this vintage theme to the food that you serve. For example, use vintage bottles and fresh lemonade and fruit.

The Fairy Tale Wedding

Have you been dreaming of the perfect, fairy tale wedding since your childhood? Have you had your eye on various tiaras, dreaming of the day you would walk down the aisle with your prince charming? The good news is that you don’t have to actually be royalty in order to feel like a princess on your big day. For your dress, go big, with a full skirt and long veil. You could be extravagant with the food as well, including a top-tier plated meal and a huge chocolate fountain, with of course the cake that is as tall as the ceiling.

The Woodland Wedding

One of the biggest wedding themes that is being used this year is natural and rustic with accents that are sophisticated and glam. This may include centerpieces that are green and branchy, with a number of lush flowers with a pop of sparkle with a faux fur or sequin table overlay. The fashion seen in these weddings typically includes long gowns and veils with lace and floral embellishments. The dresses your bridesmaids wear can mimic yours with mismatched dresses and loose braids for their hair do. Other small touches you may want to include are flower crowns.

Ideas about Budget Wedding

Consider DIY Strategies

Usually, there is a lot of time allotted to prepare for the wedding and this should be enough to come up with DIY strategies that will surely help in cutting costs without affecting high-quality results. There are lots of resources in the worldwide web to guide you and for sure, if you will involve your family and friends with the preparation they would love to share their creativity and artistry to make your wedding successful.

Take Advantage of Wedding Packages

If you are looking for wedding services choose packages that can take care of several requirements at the best rates. If you are looking for a reception venue, look for places that offer free use of facilities like tables and chairs, lighting and audio equipment. If you are having a civil wedding, you can look for a marriage officiant or a civil wedding celebrant who can provide a romantic venue for your ceremony.

Plan Early

Haste makes waste. Give enough time to plan your wedding and identify the things that you will need. Book suppliers ahead of time to avoid the rush and peak season rates. Come up with your wedding supplies list so you can buy little by little or when the items you need are on sale.

Choose Your Guests Carefully

It would be very tempting to invite a lot of people to witness the ceremony but it will also be important to note that as you add more guests to your list, you will not just bloat your expenses but will also make your wedding less intimate. Choose the ones that are closest to you and your soon-to-be spouse and make sure that you will not send out invitations due to a sense of obligation.


Tips to Shoot Great Wedding Photographs

Wedding photos resemble a memory and window to help to remember the minutes and times of the wedding. Each phase of the wedding has wonderful esteem and significance for the lady of the hour and husband to help them to remember the greatest day of their life. It consequently accompanies a lot of duty. There are significant stages in the advance of the wedding capacities that will emerge and remain the most moving point that entire the day’s occasions.

How can one do a compellingly alluring and proficient wedding shoot? What are the most perfect minutes to catch and keep for the wedding collection? How and what things are vital for the accomplishment of the wedding shoot? These and numerous different inquiries set various themes like; camera positions, focal points to utilize, lighting and different approaches to approach the photography.

Before the Ceremony Photograph Shoot

Bridal party

  • Bridal gown and accessories
  • Bride getting ready and dressing
  • Group photograph
  • Bride fully dressed with maids
  • Getting reading to leave for venue
  • Arrival at ceremony venue

Groom party

  • Getting ready and dressing
  • Group photograph
  • Groom fully dressed with best man
  • Getting ready to leave for venue
  • Arrival at ceremony venue

The Ceremony Photograph Shoot

  • Entry of the bride on aisle of the venue
  • Ceremony venue photograph including brides and grooms parents
  • Expectant groom, best man, officiates and guests photograph
  • Arrival of bride and exchanging glances with groom
  • Bride and groom photograph before the officiate
  • Exchange of rings and vows
  • Officiates declaration of man and wife
  • Kissing the bride photograph
  • Bride and groom leaving the ceremony venue while acknowledging guests
  • Group photograph at ceremony venue

The Reception Photograph Shoot

Receptions tend to be a little laid back as compared to the ceremony photographs and have all the funny and serious side of the bride and groom enjoying their day in the company of friends and relatives.

  • Bride and groom arriving at reception venue
  • The high table scene with newlywed sat
  • The guests and decor of the venue
  • Photographs of the artistic layout and centerpiece
  • The toasting of the couple
  • Food and beverages shoot
  • Opening of the dance
  • A romantic caption of bride and groom
  • Prime impromptu moments of the occasion
  • A vantage point caption of the reception
  • Closing photographic shoot of all the important scenes like; gifts, registry and personal notes of the guests to the bride.